"The speakers/presenters were good. The catering was excellent."
- William Schaefer, Operations Management,

"It was a well organized event. Good topics & presentations and useful information."
- Adil Khan, IT Manager,

"I found the presentations very interesting."
- Celine Rasborn, Director,

"I think that the Tech Summit was a great success. I was pleased with the outcome of the event."
- Adrian Dyett, Senior Advisors,

"Attended and I enjoyed the summit. Learned about services/technologies we could utilize at our company"
- Ahmed Mohamed, Software Support Manager,

"Overall the event was good. There were good vendors that highlighted risks in the area and how their product could help minimize that risk. The location was nice and giveaways are always a bonus."
- Beth Gavish, Information Security Officer,

"The room setup was good, so was the food. Send me the next date please."
- Bill Sandberg, CEO,

"The agenda did have interesting topics for me...I would like to see more of these locally."
- Bob Brown, Information Security Manager,

"I liked the pace the best."
- Bob Meecham, Sr Systems Engineer,

"Good presenters. A lot of information. Great venue too!"
- Brian Bogdan, Director

"I enjoyed it a lot. I look forward to next year."
- Carter Vath, Dir. Tech Support

"The speakers were generally very clear and concise, and presented their cases well."
- Chas Vinal , Manager of Business Intelligence,

"There were not a large amount of Vendors in attendance. This gave us more exposure and one on one time with the attendeees."
- Collin McDaniel, Tradeshow Manager,

"Keep up the good work."
- Damon Poremski, Network Administrator,

"I thought the event was good looking forward to the next one!"
- David Chase, Sales Manager,

"I liked the various suppliers and the presentations."
- Deborah Hayek, Sr. Manager IT,

"I like the ability to gain a good understanding of the security issues facing us today, and get all of that information in a single day."
- Dell Rhue, CEO,

"If people just pick their heads up and look into other companies, there's a lot that you can adopt."
- Dennis Deering, VP,

"Each vendor had a 3045 min opportunity to explain their market position or product."
- Douglas Peat, Dir Infrastructure,

"I enjoyed meeting other IT people in the area and hearing the latest offerings from various vendors."
- Elvis Huff, MIS Systems Officer,

"I liked the topics"
- Emilio Castro, IT Executive,

"Networking is a lifeline to being successful and to helping your group achieve your goals. You have to have a fresh perspective."
- Eric Thomas, Novell,

"I really liked the presentations."
- Felix Malave, IT Manager,

"I liked the content and location was convenient."
- Gabriel Flores, Network Manager,

"I liked the variety of presentations"
- Greg Fleck, Manager,

"Networking is extremely valuable. You have to approach your career as a learning opportunity and networking in the first place has allowed me to learn."
- Herman Nell, VP,

"I enjoyed the variery of presenters"
- Jason Ricci, IS Manager,

"Please send us the next list of cities; we are definitely interested in doing more."
- Jennifer Worley, Channel Alliance Manager,

"I think networking outside your industry is critical to keep the flow of new ideas coming into your mind, and your organization."
- Jim McComb, SVP

"I attended and enjoyed the networking the best."
- John Ball, Director

"I enjoyed the networking"
- John Barry, President IT,

"This really helps focus our attention.