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"I think that the Tech Summit was a great success. I was pleased with the outcome of the event."
- Adrian Dyett, Senior Advisor, Peniel Solutions

"There were not a large amount of Vendors in attendance. This gave us more exposure and one on one time with the attendees."
- Collin McDaniel, Tradeshow Manager, Howard Industries

"Please send us the next list of cities; we are definitely interested in doing more."
- Jennifer Worley, Channel Alliance Manager, Adapture

"The venue was great as well as the coordination of event staff."
- Charles Chase, Inside Sales Manager, Versatile

"It is nice to see a 3rd party vendor drive folks to an event. "
- John Saylor, Sales Manager, Business Critical Solution, Dell

"I thought the event was good - looking forward to the next one!"
- David Chase, Sales Manager, Ruckus Wireless

"The MC was good -- kept the program moving and did a nice job introducing."
- Mike Davis, Sales Director, NCompass

"I attended and enjoyed the event. I really liked the variety of presenters."
- Nathan Bulmon, Global Commercial Channels, Dell

"The speakers were good"
- Reggie Lee, Enterprise Networking Sales, Dell

"I pretty much stopped doing these types of events because of poor attendee quality and volume but this totally changed my mind. I'm going to send out an internal email to my peers recommending they do your events."
- Tim Solomon, Commercial Accounts Manager, Barracuda Networks